International Team



The MCG Export team was formed in 2009 to compliment the AUSTRALIAN Export division. Our team is made up of multiple nationalities with experience in all the world’s major markets. We are actively trading in over 30 countries. With our own quality assurance procedure we can ensure our customers that we only source from reputable suppliers in various countries including Australia, New Zealand and Brazil to guarantee the highest quality. By being proactive with all supply opportunities we are able to offer a full range of products whether, as a customer, you are in retail, manufacturing, foodservice or wholesale.

Our strong commitment to service means we handle all aspects of a transaction, from finance, logistics and documentation through to delivery, to ensure an uninterrupted and smooth transaction for both suppliers and customers.


Customer Relationships

Our strength lies in the rock solid relationships we enjoy with our key processor partners.
Added strength comes from the relationships forged with our customers over many years, by providing efficient and timely service and a product that meets the customer's requirements and ticks all the boxes.


Experienced Traders

Our team of experienced traders, backed by our dedicated logistics team are shipping daily to our ever expanding global markets, whether it is a government contract or a small consolidated airfreight. We are fully accredited to export meat products under Meat Export Licence no 3043 issued by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.


Quality Products

Our range of fresh and frozen beef, lamb, mutton, goat, veal, poultry, and offals is of the highest quality and complies with both market specific religious slaughter requirements, as well as any labeling considerations.
We can tailor a solution to meet your needs with our range of tinned and packaged food items.



• Multinational, multilingual team who are passionate about their jobs.

• Worldwide network of trusted suppliers.

• Source a wide range of meat products including beef, Veal, lamb, mutton, Chicken, Goat and Camel.

• Flexibility for customers and suppliers.

• Dedicated & very efficient Logistics Team.

• Dedicated QA Team on site.

• A real understanding of our customers’ requirements.

• Trust & Integrity in all our work